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Name:Akemi Homura || Post Rebellion
SPOILER WARNING: This is a roleplay journal for Akemi Homura from the end of the third Madoka movie.

Expect her to be a little unhinged, aloof, sneering, and somewhat insecure. Maybe a little more insistent in her "evil" than necessary.

For comedy purposes, this is one of the primary influences, with anything from nurajirou clocking in a close second.

For dramatic purposes, this is the primary influence.

If you are somehow unable to get access to the third movie (Rebellion) yet, there's a manga adaptation of it. If you haven't seen the other two movies, it would seem that they're merely a retelling of the series condensed into movie format. The third movie is new material starting after the other movies/end of the series. The manga is an almost exact retelling of the movie, but I would still encourage you to see it if you can, to admire the animation if nothing else (John Woo magical girl gunfights, c'mon).

Anyway, those are just some references for you if you need 'em.
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